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Soprano/Concert Strings Saver Pack - World of Ukes Clarity and Ernie Ball

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Buy a set of World of Ukes Clarity strings and get a set of Ernie Ball strings half price, for soprano/concert ukuleles.

It can be a bit of chore changing strings, and knowing what different ones to try, so, as an incentive, here’s a saver option where you get some World of Ukes Clarity strings, and a set of Ernie Ball strings half price (they’re usually £6).

My own clarity strings are clear fluorocarbon, and aptly named for the clarity and sustain they deliver. There are two Ernie ball options, their clear strings which have a percussive attack and brightness, with a mellow finish. And the blacks, traditional nylon strings which are rich and warmer, if not quite as loud as the clears. Handily, the Ernie Balls have ball ends, so no fiddly knots. All of the strings in this offer are high G.

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String Saver Pack.jpg