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Tonewood Series Scented Soy Candles - 4 Pack, Inspired by Sound


This is a gift pack of four soy candles, with scents inspired by ukulele tonewoods. It makes the ideal gift for ukulele fans - or perhaps for a tongue-in-cheek offering to long suffering partners of uke obsessives!

They’re beautifully presented, hand made vegan soy candles which make your room smell lovely - with even wicks that burn slowly and not too high. They’re clean and don’t leave any soot as there’s no paraffin or animal products.

Onto the smell! There are Rosewood, Cedar, Spruce and Mahogany candles inside. Now, these aren’t the actual scents but have inspired the make up of the aroma. They don’t, you’ll be pleased to know, smell like burned wood! No, I have instead chosen scents that are inspired by the sound typically offered by those woods.

For example, the spruce aroma reflects the bright, fresh sound of that tonewood - with a clean, zingy, smell with citrus and pine notes. Mahogany is at the other end of the sound spectrum, warm and full - and the scent is therefore rich, dark and moody. Rosewood is more exotic and spicy and cedar is lively and has both deep and bright notes.

I have spent many years describing sounds in words in my ukulele descriptions. I’ve put all of that experience into choosing scents that match those words in my imagination.

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