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World of Ukes Clarity Soloist Fluorocarbon Ukulele Strings


These are my own brand strings, which I have spent a long time researching and selecting, to deliver clarity across all four strings, with the idea of a set of high G strings that were ideal for fingerpickers and those who play melody lines and want those melodies to sing out.

Now, in the interests of full disclosure, I am not weaving these strings together myself, and neither to have my own factory extruding fluorocarbon! In fact, these strings are made for me by Worth, to my instruction. They are most similar in touch to Worth Clears but different materials have been used to emphasise sustain and clarity.

If you are venturing into picking, you may well like these strings - as they have a boldness that lends itself to picked melodies, but strummers shouldn't be put off. While picking was in my mind when doing my various tests on samples, as it happen, they deliver a bright and even strum too.

Unlike Worth's regular output, these strings are sold in single length packets. This allows you to try a set more easily.

These clear fluorocarbon Clarity strings are for regular ukulele tuning with a high, re-entrant G string. Of course, there's no such thing as 'the best strings' as there are so many variables, chief of which is personal taste! But, I am really pleased with how these strings have turned out, and if you'd like to - click 'additional information' to see a video comparison and see if you agree!

If you try them and like them, please spread the word! If they take off, there'll be a low G option before long. In the meantime, I have tested them alongside a Worth C-LG low G string so if you have one, or want to purchase some - you can still try out the strings.

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