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World of Ukes Leather Nail Scissors Keyring Pouch


Have you ever gone to your uke club, or got to a gig and suddenly realised your fingernails are far too long? I have. Unpleasantly, I've stood backstage rapidly biting the nails on my left hand to make it possible for me to play! Since then, I've tried to have some nail scissors in my gig bag, but they're always disappearing.

So... I decided, enough was enough. I'd get Stones Music to make me some quality leather pouches, ordered a load of nail scissors and had them made with a keyring section, so I can attach it to my gig bag and never gnaw at my nails in an emergency again!

The downside was, I couldn't just order one for me alone... but, if you've ever had this problem and want to avoid it in the future, I guess my solution will work for you too!

Stainless steel scissors are included. The pouches are designed with a little give so you could include a small emery board/nail file if you use one.

Postage and packing is £1.99 in the UK and £4.00 to other countries.

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