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Xvive D1 Maxverb Digital Reverb Pedal

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Pedal £54.99, £9.99 for the optional power adaptor - and free UK delivery!

This is a fantastic extra bit of kit for ukulele players who like to plug in. The Maxverb is a great reverb pedal, with really high quality plate, spring and hall reverb settings. As you'd suspect with the 'Max' part of the the name of the pedal, you can get a LOT of reverb out of this thing. I use one myself, and I LOVE it, I really do.

In the band I play in, The League of Ukulele Gentlemen, I very often have people come and see me after a set to ask about my pedals and equipment. I have a lot of compliments about the sound and get questions about what uke I have and the gear I use (I don't mean this to sound big-headed, this is the sound that people like, not always the playing!) I've pointed out and suggested people get one of these so many times I decided I may as well get some into stock! You can see a video of me playing it here -

For the uninitiated in the world of pedals, there's nothing too complicated to worry about. You plug a jack to jack lead into your uke one end and the pedal in the other. Then a lead from the pedal into your amp or PA system. When you stand on the pedal, it clicks on. Stand on it again, it clicks off. When it is off, your ukulele is still amplified, it is just that the maxverb won't be altering the sound. There's a switch for the different types of reverb and dials for how long it lasts and how much you get. Please note - you will need a power supply for the pedal. If you don't already have one, make sure you order one with your pedal from this page!

UK orders only please. (If outside the UK it is cheaper to get it in your own country)


PS - Click additional information and there’s a demo of this pedal, how it works and what it sounds like.

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