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Xvive U2 Wireless Electro Ukulele System


This Xvive U2 Wireless System is ideal for ukulele players who like to plug in but also like to move around. (Or simply, for those like me who are terrible at coiling cables!). It has a wireless transmitter and receiver. On end plugs into your uke's jack socket, the other into your amplifier (or your mixing desk, PA System or pedal board). It removes the need for a lead between your uke and what you plug into, giving you freedom to move around. You might want to rock out on stage, move into the audience or even for group leaders and teachers, move into the group to assist people - without the need to stop any players.

It has crystal clear broadcasting and a range of 100m within line of sight, and is very easy to set up (just a few seconds). It has four channel choices, meaning up to three others in your band can operate one at once. Or you can all use the same channel to go through one amp! It is tough and durable, and you don't need batteries - there's a USB charger included. Each charge gives 7 hours of continuous play.

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