World of Ukes Store Opening Times

The regular store opening hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 9.30-4.30.

At other times, I will open by appointment - please don't hesitate to ask (07516474994)! I am usually in the showroom at other times during the week. It is only because of irregular commitments that I don't advertise opening at other times. There is just me to man the store, so it makes sense to only advertise what I can always manage. Most of the time, I'll be able to accommodate your visit outside the regular hours without problems, but with events running throughout the year, gig performances and taking the store on the road to ukulele festivals - it is best to just check first.

The store is closed Tuesday 28 November for family reasons.

While orders will still go out, the showroom is closed 22 December to 2 January. You can still order online as normal during these dates.

The store is closed Thursday May 24th due to attending the Ukulele Festival of Austria.