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aNueNue aNN-CMM1 Mango Soprano Ukulele


This nice looking, all solid mango soprano ukulele from aNueNue is a little delight. Its natural finish matches its natural tone, packing plenty of punch and giving lots of pleasure – it is everything a soprano ukulele should be. To say ‘perky’ would be a good assessment, but then add a lightness that makes it a pleasure to play, and an unusual amount of depth and warmth into the bargain. And boy, can this ukulele make some noise!

The pale, all solid mango construction shows off some subtle striations and grain patterns, which are set off well by a dark chocolate coloured rosewood binding. This same rosewood also forms part of the soundhole rosette, which has a centre of inlaid abalone shell. That latter material is also used for the aNueNue logo on this sweet-sounding Maui series ukulele. The bridge and fingerboard are also rosewood, while the neck is a traditional mahogany.

The strings are black fluorocarbon, and feel nice and smooth on the fingers, a factor which together with the good playing action make moving around the fretboard a breeze, particularly as the nut width is a generous 37mm. Reliable and lightweight Grover branded geared tuners are also fitted.

The tone from this aNueNue aNN-CMM1 mango ukulele is strong and loud, quite direct and even assertive. Individual notes are well separated, and despite a good emphasis on the bass notes, the trebles sing sweetly alongside. It is a crisp, controlled sound, complemented by some nice subtle overtones and plenty of sustain. With quite thin tonewood used to put it together, this ‘Milky Bar Kid’ of the ukulele world feels lovely and light, but any notion of being delicate is dispelled by a really quite big sound!

This fine quality ukulele is a great example of what can be produced in the Far East. While the area is know in Europe for cheaper goods, their domestic market is full of high-end, luxury goods that they produce largely for themselves. Only our drive for low prices mean there are still traces of a stigma against ‘Made in Taiwan’ labels. We generally buy the cheap stuff, they keep the good stuff! Well, not any more with this little cracker, the aNueNue aNN-CMM1 mango soprano ukulele.

There's an option for us to fit a Mi-Si pickup if you wish... allow an extra few days and prepare yourself for an amazing electro soprano! This uke comes with a top class gig bag.


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