Soprano Ukuleles

Baton Rouge V1SL Long Neck Soprano Ukulele


This Baton Rouge V1-SL is great value - a long neck soprano with an excellent tone, given the modest price tag. The fact that it is the same price as the V2-S model by the same company, but has a concert neck, is impressive. True, it lacks the soundhole decoration of that uke, but it sounds just as good, and allows concert players to experience that traditional soprano sound.

The laminate mahogany body is relatively plain, but has some nice variation in colour that make it more interesting to look at. There are durable geared tuners, a walnut fingerboard and bridge, and Aquila strings fitted as standard.

A key advantage this uke has is the slightly arched back, which takes away any harshness in the tone and colours the tone with some warmth. There's plenty of volume and a nice, vintage-style 'bark', which sounds very impressive at the beginner end of the market.

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