Soprano Ukuleles

Beltona Resonator Soprano Ukulele - New, with Pod Case


Wow, this is an exquisite beast - which comes straight off the production and into the showroom, after a change of circumstances for the gentleman who originally ordered it.

This Beltona soprano is quite simply a joy. With its glass-reinforced resin body and lightweight aluminium cover plate it weighs in 35% less than a standard metal-body resonator, making it really comfortable to hold. With a mahogany neck and hardwood fingerboard, the playing experience is kept very similar to a regular uke, allowing you to effortlessly switch between this and other ukes in your collection.

The finish is simply exquisite - just perfection. And the purpose-built resonator cone delivers a fantastic, clear and metallic vintage tone. Pick it up and play and you sound like  you're on an old record - you can almost hear the crackle the vinyl makes, such is the vintage authenticity of tone.

Fluorocarbon strings and Gotoh's amazing UPT planetary geared tuners are fitted, as is a handy strap button (you wouldn't want to attempt fitting that at home with something this great!)

Comes with a pod case and a lifetime's worth of enjoyment ahead. Wow!

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