Soprano Ukuleles

Bohemian Oil Can Electric Ukulele WITH GIG BAG


I'm guilty with this ukulele of looking at the price and the shape and assuming that it was a bit of a gimmick. And yes, it is unusual, and it's a manufactured version of a 'home-made' instrument. But, the quality is really, really high - beyond what I imagined. I wouldn't even have tried one, had it not been for seeing Dead Mans Uke use one in a gig... An example of ukulele-snobbery creeping in there - and a lesson learned from me as they're a lot of fun, sound good and are made to a really high standard.

The only problem I now have, as a retailer, is that these instruments are pretty good out of the box, and they're widely available. The competition is high and the price is very low... Trying to be the lowest price has pushed the price right down to a point where, for me, it isn't really a sustainable product to carry. I have them because I ordered a number for a big ukulele event, and a courier hitch meant they arrived the day the event finished! I have searched out the lowest price online and matched it - but will still check, plug in and do any set up that's required, something that surely other's can't afford to do in the long term, when making barely no profit! Anyway, enough of the ins and outs of the ukulele retail world and on to what it actually is!

It's a tin can with a ukulele neck. But it is a bit more than that! The bracing inside the tin makes it both strong, and much better balanced than you'd expect, and two fitted strap buttons remove any questions about ease of playing. While the scale is soprano, those with an inbuilt mentality of 'sopranos are too big for my hands' should note that the 34mm width of the neck is the same as most Kala tenors. With steel strings fitted (which are thin) it doesn't feel cramped on the fretboard.

There's a bit of volume when not plugged in - not like a regular acoustic uke, but a bit more than say, a Risa stick. Ideal for quiet practise and noodling. Plugged in and the sound is really well balanced through the single coil pickup. It keeps a metallic tinge without being harsh or unpleasant - it is much richer in sound than expected.

It comes equipped with a free ukulele stand. Well, no it doesn't... but it does stand up by itself on the floor! Lot of fun, remarkably neatly made, a great sound and silly value!


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