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Cordoba 20SM Solid Top Soprano Ukulele


This is a very smart little soprano uke, and a fine example of the lengths Cordoba have gone to improving their product range of late. It also reflects the general trend of more quality control when dealing with known brands who have their products made in China. At one point, most Chinese instruments were made to the lowest price point possible - but that is no longer the case. Yes, you pay a bit more money for sopranos like this 20SM from Cordoba, but it is worth it as the finish is excellent and it delivers an impressive tone.

A key feature of this soprano is the relatively wide nut, which at 35mm, and coupled with a decent action, makes this a pleasant instrument to play, and surprisingly spacious. There’s plenty of warmth in the tone, as well as a perky level of volume, while the Aquila string’s brightness ensures the overall sound isn’t muddy at all.

Aside from the smooth satin finish and all-round neatness, the uke is fairly plain looking - no bad thing - but it does feature a very pretty double herringbone soundhole rosette.

The only issue is the nut grooves are a little shallow making the first fret a bit tricky to barre. That’s an issue I’ll sort out as part of the set up process. Cordoba are a line carried by many of the massive online outlets - and lets just say they’d not be running a nut file over anything that leaves their warehouse!

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