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Imua iSN Hawaiian Solid Koa Soprano Ukulele

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The beautiful sounding Imua iSN is a Hawaiian made soprano uke, using the finest koa from the islands. When I say beautiful sounding Imua iSN, I mean the ukulele sounds beautiful when played. Nothing wrong with the name iSN, but it just means Imua Soprano Natural, nothing particularly beautiful in that. Anyway, back to the subject! This Imua ukulele is from a newer brand to the market, started by Jorma Winkler (no relation to the Fonz), and a renowned Japanese luthier, using his knowledge of koa (Jorma knows his wood). This combination produces fantastic instruments, and this iSN from Imua is no exception.

The wood used in this soprano is lovely, a rich, dark and patterned wood with a strong grain and light and dark accents. The rosewood fingerboard and bridge are lovingly crafted, and the abalone fretboard markers and Imua headstock logo are pretty touches. Nice as it is to look at, it is the playability and sound that make it such a strong offering as a uke.

Perfectly balanced in your hand, this soprano has a pleasing and relatively shallow neck which allows you to arch your fingers around with ease to fret, while a wider than average (37mm) bone nut ensures that your fingers aren’t cramped. To this end, players of other size ukuleles shouldn’t be put off – I have shovel-hands and can play this beauty comfortably… Not particularly well, but that’s my skill, not the fault of the Imua iSN!

And then we come to the ukulele’s tone, which is all things at once. Rich, yet crisp. Warm, yet punchy. Resonant and full of sustain. Yes, you may gather I like this ukulele! It handles chords with a lively, full tone and when picked, it sings wonderfully. If I go on any further about how lovely the Imua iSN sounds you’ll probably assume I’ve been paid to say nice things about it, so I’ll stop. Oh, just one last point, it scarcely loses any volume even at the highest extremes of its scale. I know I said I’d stop, but couldn’t help it.

I’ve played many soprano ukuleles, yet have always maintained that I’m a ‘tenor man’. But, instruments like this, so effortlessly playable and downright fun, have me seriously debating that statement. If you buy an Imua iSN, you’ll not be disappointed. I’ll be quite pleased too, but that’s just a minor issue!

On offer is a an acoustic version, or we can fit a Mi-Si pickup for you (the latter option takes a few extra days!)


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