Soprano Ukuleles

Kiwaya Famous FS-1 Soprano Ukulele


This FS-1 is in effect a Kiwaya KS-1, the two models are the same. Kiwaya make these soprano ukes in Japan, with Famous the name they give to their ukes for the domestic market (in general). I prefer the 'Kiwaya' name, but maybe in Japanese it is like 'Smith' or something, and 'Famous' sounds more exotic!

The body of this FS-1 is all laminate mahogany, which the describe as 'eco', presumably as it requires less mahogany - although of course, it is still wood - but in this case, three sheets of thin wood sandwiched together under high pressure. The result is very a very light uke indeed, not heavy at all like some laminates can be.

The sound is bright and sparkly, with some nice resonant highs. The tone isn't abundant with depth, but really sings out well, with a forwardness, plenty of volume and a genuine crispness. It is really nice in particular, when picked.

The FS-1 is fitted with D'addario Titanium strings, which are malleable and good for bending, and give good sustain. The uke has Gotoh friction pegs, further releasing the load of any weight (it really is super-light!), and a completely plain, satin finish body - more like a vintage uke than many of the bling-laden modern designs.

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