Soprano Ukuleles
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Kiwaya KLS-1G Solid Top Long Neck Soprano Ukulele


This is a Japanese made KLS-1G from Kiwaya. It is a soprano ukulele body with a concert scale length, and seems to combine the best of both sizes, with some nice richness at the bottom end, with some strong, clear and crisp trebles - without ever becoming shrill.

The top is solid mahogany and the back and sides are laminate mahogany. Kiwaya are famous for the great quality, stiff, resonant laminates they produce, and this one certainly has plenty of projection. The sound is a little brighter than some mahogany instruments - with a key factor being the crispness delivered, a really beautiful sparkle at the top end. This lends itself well to picking, because of the clarity your melodies can deliver. It chimes well when strummed - I'm not trying to talk it down in that respect, just highlighting that melodic loveliness!

There is a retro-looking soundhole decoration, intricate but subtle, but other than that, it is as plain as ukuleles come. The KLS-1G is not an instrument for fans of bling, but more for those who like the traditional, more restrained style.

This instrument is fitted with open geared tuners, which wont let you down, plus what appear to be D'addario Titanium strings (information is sketchy on this front, but that's what they look like!). These have relatively low tension and are particularly good for bending, if that's what you're into.

It won't win any style awards, but it will certainly draw envious glances from the ears of fellow players. I know that doesn't make sense but you get the gist.

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