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Laka Joe Brown LK-JBS Soprano Ukulele & Hard Case

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This model has been discontinued - and therefore there’s a huge reduction! An all solid, good quality soprano in a hard case at this price is amazing!

This a a good quality little soprano from Laka, endorsed by the legendary Joe Brown. For some that endorsement might be seen as a good thing, a sign that this is a quality uke. For others, perhaps that it is overpriced as that endorsement has to be paid for! Anyone thinking the latter is definitely in the wrong, as this soprano ukulele has a lovely, sweet, woody almost vintage kind of tone about it gives a quality, old-time and pleasing sound.

The LK-JBS is made from pretty looking and all solid acacia wood, and is nicely finished all over, from the flawless matt body to the maple binding and black and white purfling. The instrument is balanced nicely and the 34mm neck width (the same as a Kala tenor) gives a little more room on the fingerboard for the larger-fingered amongst us.

Aquila strings seem a good fit, with a fine balance between some crisp highs and a surprising amount of complex warmth, good quality open-geared tuners and a fine quality brown hard case complete the picture.

So, it is all good then, this Laka Joe Brown? Well actually it is much better than I suspect it might! It is certainly a brilliant deal, given it is well made, all-solid and comes with a great case. Personally, I could do without the 'The Joe Brown' written on the headstock, but that's just a minor point, made largely in order to provide a balanced view!


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