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Mabuhay MS-11 Solid Mango Soprano Ukulele


This gorgeous Mabuhay soprano ukulele, the MS-11 model, is a lovely instrument that is made in the Philippines. It is affordable, beautiful, playable and fascinating to look at – making you wonder why Imelda Marcos bothered buying all those shoes… If the famously decadent Filipino First Lady had discovered these beauties, she’d surely have bought a load of them!

Visually striking, the Mabuhay MS-11 is made from all solid mango. ALL solid mango. Yes, right down to the neck, bridge and headstock, as well as the body. It is a surprise they didn’t use mango vines as the strings. Well, not that much of a surprise as there’s no such thing, and they wouldn’t work if they did, but you know what I mean. Instead, the uke is fitted with regular Aquila strings, which combine well with the generic looking, but effective geared tuners. Getting the first one out of the box and discovering it is in tune is always a good sign.

This Mabuhay MS-11 ukulele is certainly insteresting to look at, but how does it play? Remarkably well. It has a 36mm nut width and a shallow neck profile, which combine to make a great balance – the fingers don’t get too cramped, but it is still easy to fret.

There’s decent volume with this ukulele, and a really sweet tone – which is bright and clear without ever being brittle. It is ideal for those stepping up from a basic ukulele as not only does will its tone encourage your practice because it is, frankly, lovely – but also because it sings really loud and clear all the way up the neck.

If you buy a Mabuhay MS-11, you’re getting a lot of tone and specification for your money. The looks are unusual, but then that makes it stand out from any other ukuleles you may have collected. So what is the catch? Well there isn’t one. If you’re searching for a Mabuhay soprano ukulele review and haven’t found much, I can promise that is down to the limited number in production, rather than anything else. I for one, would happily have one of these gorgeous, well-priced soprano ukes!

If you fancy a super electro soprano - you can opt to have a Mi-Si pickup fitted, which takes an extra few days.


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