Soprano Ukuleles

Ohana SK-22Z Solid Spruce Top Soprano Ukulele

109.00 125.00

The SK-22Z soprano from Ohana has a solid spruce top, paired with very pretty laminate zebrawood on the back and sides, finished in satin. It looks very nice, handles well with good balance and sounds the part too.

The uke is fitted with Aquila strings, which are punchy and loud - aiding the bright, forward nature of the solid spruce top. Ohana's soprano design and manufacture has always been good - they really deliver a vintage style tone, with some 'bark' to the sound.

Good quality geared tuners are fitted, manufactured by Grover - a very good set of tuners for a ukulele at this price point.

While the finish does look a tiny bit artificial, it is a handsome uke - with black and white purfling and soundhole rosette, and the feature I find most attractive, the zebrawood headstock cap.

There's no secret I'm a fan of the punchy tone of Ohana sopranos. In fact, here I am, writing exactly that, on the internet. So, no, no secrets there!

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