Soprano Ukuleles

Ohana SK-390 All Solid Koa Vintage Style Soprano Ukulele & Hard Case


This limited edition is offered with a top drawer hard case, for a limited time.

This is the SK-390 from Ohana, an all solid Hawaiian koa soprano modelled on the Martin Style 3. Its vintage looks are matched by the old school tone - with an incredibly light construction. It feels like if you dropped it, it would float down to earth like a leaf. I mean, don't actually do that... it is too nice to drop it!

When you play it, for such a light instrument, the attack and power of this soprano springs into action and almost surprises you. The sound has a nice body to it, a 'bark' almost, with some nice harmonics and sparkly highs.

It is fitted with Aquila strings and a bone nut and saddle, while the fingerboard and soundhole decoration are made up of very intricate black and white inlays. There's maple motif on the bottom of the top (if that makes sense) as well. To complete the vintage feel, the SK-390 has effective friction pegs.

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