Soprano Ukuleles

Ohana SK-75G All Solid Soprano Ukulele


The Ohana SK-75G combines showstopping looks with all solid wood construction, giving plenty of volume, sustain and character to the tone... that is, if you can stop admiring it long enough to give it a strum.

The uke has a nice, tightly-grained solid spruce top, ringed with abalone inlays and mahogany binding. The heastock features the same combination, while there's more abalone in the soundhole decoration. Abalone is a popular seafood, particularly in the far east, so there's been plenty of tasty morsels consumed to supply the adornments for this Ohana!

The back and sides are solid wood too, flamed maple in this case, which has nice, naturally occurring patterns (there being no flames involved in creating the flaming!). This compliments the spruce top, while blending in nicely to the overall look.

The SK-75G has Aquila strings, gold coloured open geared tuners with pearl coloured buttons, and a nicely shaped bridge holding a bone saddle. The rosewood fingerboard is smooth and the fret ends nice and smooth.

For all these lovely looks, the sound is the real star. It is not lacking in fullness but really sings out well with nice sustain all the way up the neck. There's something for everyone with this uke. It chimes beautifully when strummed, simple chords are really pretty and somehow sound more complex that they are - while up the neck it really maintains volume and balance.

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