Soprano Ukuleles

Ohana Soprano Ukulele DIY Build & Decorate Kit


These kits have been available from time to time on the market, but always in the past from... lets just say... not very good companies. This one though, is a quality Ohana uke, and therefore at the end, you get a really decent sounding serious beginner ukulele - as opposed to some nicely decorated junk!

While far from a full 'build', it does give you the chance to put some of the components together - with the key part being you can decorate your own ukulele, then add the rest of the 'bits', just as they'd do in the factory - giving you a blank canvas to create something very personal.

When you've painted or sprayed the body (or glittered it or coloured it in with felt-tip - the choice is yours!!), you can then fit the tuners, nut, saddle and strings. These are all straightforward tasks, but add to the sense of achievement when it is complete!

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