Soprano Ukuleles

Ohana TPK-25G All Solid Sopranino Pineapple Ukulele


How cute is this TPK-25G sopranino ukulele! The perfect travel companion, this tiny pineapple shaped instrument has a sweeter, richer tone than many similar sized ukes, and makes the perfect travel companion.

It is constructed of all solid mahogany, which shines nicely under the gloss finish. The rosewood fingerboard and bridge are neatly finished and the end of the fretboard tapers nicely towards the soundhole. That's not the end of the decorative features, with a funky headstock shape, like the top of a pineapple (I'm starting to understand why they call these pineapple ukes!)

The tone is good enough for your holiday practice when tuned GCEA. But, if you are playing solo, it benefits from being tuned up a tone to ADF#B, with the extra tension in the strings making more of the tiny body size.

If you are looking for rich, luscious tone, then of course, a ukulele that is just 43cm from end to end is not going to cut it. But if you want a well constructed, neatly finished travel companion, this is a nice option.

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