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Seagull Uke Nylon SG Burst EQ - Electro Acoustic Ukulele


This is a really interesting Canadian-made instrument from Seagull, part of the Godin family. It is strung with D'addario nylon strings, tuned like a regular ukulele with re-entrant strings. The ukulele has a soprano length scale, but a body size that will feel comfortable to concert and tenor players.

A key thing to point out with this Seagull Uke nylon is the neck width, which is different from the steel string version, at 34mm (the same as a standard tenor from Kala, for example). is the thin, 30mm nut width, a common size for mandolin necks - which is feels like. So in many ways this is a hybrid, with perhaps the fairest description being that it has a tenor neck width, with a concert sized body and soprano scale length - a real mix of everything.

The sound is surprisingly loud given that the body is quite thin, and it can really punch its weight if you play hard. There's a punchy, bright attack there, while the evenness of the sound across all four strings ensures it is never brittle-sounding. The harmonics are very interesting too, giving a melodic quality to your strumming.

Plugged in the Seagull-made (the company, no the bird) pre-amp does a nice job of amplifying the signal from the undersaddle pickup to reproduce this instrument's powerfully, bright-edged but well balanced sound.

The manufacturer's description: -

At the intersection of original design and quality materials, you will find the Seagull Uke Nylon SG Burst EQ. This fun-to-play nylon Uke is made of a one-piece solid maple body with a solid spruce top; a wood combination that, along with the classic tone of the nylon strings, creates a smooth sound with plenty of tonal definition. And thanks to the zero fret concept, where the strings sit directly and evenly on the fret (which acts as the nut), it is easy to maintain a better output balance between open and fretted strings across the fretboard. The Seagull Uke Steel SG also features a Burnt Umber semi-gloss finish, open-gear tuners, and custom Seagull electronics with easily accessible volume and tone controls at the lower bout. The Seagull Uke Nylon SG Burst maintains a more conventional nylon-string feel, but with a modern take on design and playability.

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