Soprano Ukuleles

Takumi TS-1K All Solid Koa Soprano Ukulele


Oh. Hello! This Takumi TS-1K is the business! The only problem in describing it is where to start. The stunning looks? Does putting that first detract from the wonderful sound? Or the fact it sits in your hand with perfect set up and balance. Lets just pick these brilliant features one at a time and assume I'm giving them equal footing.

The shape is so elegant and dainty, with gorgeous all solid koa wood used in the top, back and sides. This is a lovely, top grade tonewood, whith a natural curl that appears almost three dimension in nature under the superbly applied gloss finish. The ebony fingerboard and bridge are brilliantly crafted. The body is adorned with red tortoiseshell style binding and black and while purfling and soundhole rosettes. Everything is classically put together.

The TS-1K from Takumi is fitted with the wonderful Gotoh UPT tuners, which are lightweight like friction pegs, but have planetary gears making them super smooth and secure. And the Fremont clear fluorocarbon strings are sustainful (there's a new word) and light to the the touch, with the right balance of tension for great punch, but enough give to bend and use vibrato.

And what can you say about the feel? The slick, low action. The spacious 36mm nut (which means this is a soprano that is suitable for anyone, dispelling the 'soprano is too small' thoughts many have) gives a great balance between the ease of each from fret to fret withthe soprano, with a wider nut that means your fingers don't get cramped.

And though I said these features weren't in any particular in order. I lied. And saved the best until last. The sustain is wonderful. The tone has complex harmonics, depth and brightness all rolled into a one fantastic package.

The Takumi TS-1K is supplied with a top class, branded, rectangular hard case.

To finish on the floweriest note ever in the history of ukulele descriptions. The sound of this Japanese-made instrument is like a caged songbird being released into paradise for the first time.

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