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Uluru Kohola I Deluxe Soprano Ukulele


Well, there’s no denying if you buy a Uluru Kohola I soprano you get an extremely pretty looking little uke! There’s all sorts going on here, not least of which is the beautiful biscuit brown cedar top, which contrasts well with the dark and richly patterned Vietnamese rosewood solid back and sides. There’s plenty of bling, so it is important to note just how gorgeous these woods are. However, you can soon be distracted by a whole host of impressive features, like the ovangkol and maple binding, koa and abalone soundhole rosette, ovangkol bound fingerboard and even a whale illustration inlaid on the headstock. If that wasn’t enough, the ebony fingerboard has lovely pale streaks running through, almost looking like a piece of marble. But not, obviously!

This Uluru Kohola I soprano is fitted with very effective friction pegs, high quality affairs with large ebony buttons. The gold coloured portions of these tuners look nice against the golden solid cedar, as it glows under an exquisite gloss finish. Oh dear, I’m getting all slushy! Back to business… There is a bone nut and saddle and Aquila strings and a mahogany neck, which has been stained to match perfectly with the rosewood back and sides. The neck is quite full in your hand, and wide too, at 38mm. Even if you subscribe to the theory that your hands can be too big for a soprano ukulele, this particular model feels much more like a tenor neck, albeit obviously shorter!

With the Aquila strings, the sound gives a definite and pronounced initial attack, a crisp edge that then gives way to a rolling, sweet warmth. The Uluru Kohola responds particularly well to picking and strumming with the pads of finger or thumb, which really bring out a fine warmth and delicate, singing trebles. It sounds really, really good – yet, experimentation with different strings I feel could get an even better tone. Not sure why I think that, it is a hunch, but if I was to buy a Uluru Kohola I I’d give consideration to changing the strings over, perhaps to Worth Browns. Anyway, that’s just me, it is a lovely thing already!

The Kohola I includes a luxury hard case, with the Uluru ukulele branding. This black case has a furry lining and accessory compartment. I have a Uluru myself and the case if very heavy duty, something I need as I am a bit clumsy. It survives bumps and knocks no problem! Luxury is a good word to finish on when talking about this Uluru, it is certainly decadent, but a very fine instrument too.

If a fantastic thing like this isn't enough, we can even fit a Mi-Si pickup to it (allow an extra few days), giving you a seriously good electro soprano uke.


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