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B-STOCK aNueNue UT1K Bird All Solid Koa Tenor Ukulele

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This ukulele has a small air bubble underneath the binding which is nothing to worry about but is noticeable once you spot it.

This all solid Hawaiian koa tenor ukulele takes some of the Moon Bird series that aNueNue make, and some of the ASOS series, to make this blend of the two styles. If you're not familiar with these ranges - it takes the body shape, with its asymmetric cutaway shape from the Bird series and the slotted headstock of the their ASOS (all solid) series.

Well, having made that point clumsily I'll swiftly move onto the sound, which is divine. The Mount Fuji bracing system delivers a rich depth, which is topped off with a sweet koa shimmer, giving lots of bass and treble in a lovely balance. It is loud, complex and simply lovely! This was definitely a uke that for me, was love at first strum.

The body has ebony binding and a pleasingly shaped bridge, with a bone nut and saddle, and ebony for the fingerboard too. The company's own brand black water strings are fitted, with a very thin gauge and a real zingy attack.

It comes in a beautiful blue hard case with aNueNue branding.

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