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B-STOCK Keli'i T-G Hawaiian Made Solid Koa Tenor Ukulele

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This uke has a small mark on the back where it has been displayed on on a stand which has rubbed against the finish. This could be improved easily, but the fact these came from a trade show and the mark means there is a big reduction on this lovely Hawaiian made instrument.

Keli'i is a Hawaiian company and K-brand that is less well known to today's generation of ukulele players. AT one point they switched some of their production to China, and had just enough of the ukulele made on the islands to qualify as 'made in Hawaii'. This instrument is all Hawaiian made (the price is a clue!), now that they're no longer outsourcing any work.

The T-G is a tenor from the company's gold series - their top of the line. The 36mm nut width and low action, coupled with a pretty shallow neck profile mean it is really comfortable to play, and reaching around to make even complex chord shapes is a breeze.

The ukulele is traditionally Hawaiian, made from high grade all solid koa, with quite a thin body and flat back. The finish is semi-gloss and either side of the rosewood fingerboard, the nut and saddle are ebony. This is a ukulele made in a really traditional way, with an emphasis on build and sound, rather than finish and bling. That said, they have splashed out on the world's finest tuners, Gotoh planetary UPT geared pegs - which are simply brilliant.

When you strum the clear fluorocarbon strings, you get a wonderful rainbow of sound, from golden lows to crisp trebles. It is subtle, gentle and mellow when you want it to be, moving up to an amazing crescendo of volume. Give it some welly and you'll not understand where all the noise is coming from, I certainly don't. Even at those high volumes the sound is still tight and controlled.

This might not be the best know Hawaiian brand but its traditional style should appeal, and while it is a shame about the marks, the price reduction will bring this ukulele into more people's reach. You could own a handmade Hawaiian instrument and if you do, you'll be sure to admire the wonderful tone it has!

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