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B-STOCK Ohana BK-70R Solid Top Baritone Ukulele

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This is a b-stock ukulele, with minor physical flaws. These are minor problems which have don't affect the sound at all. Things that don't really show up on photos! The uke pictured has small marks near the bottom bout (there's nothing worse with any of the stock!)

This BK-70R is a DGBE tuned baritone with a solid spruce top. This is a great combination, with bright spruce giving the trebles some 'oomph', while the baritone body size ensures the bottom end is rich and warm.

The back and sides are laminate rosewood, which has some nice streaky grain, and the cream binding and black and white purfling separate these nicely from the spruce top. There's an abalone soundhole decoration around the soundhole too.

This baritone really feels nice to play - with the resonant tone coming through the back and into your chest!

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