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B-STOCK Ohana CKP-70R Solid Top Soprano Vita Ukulele

119.00 169.00

This is a b-stock ukulele, with minor physical flaws. These are minor problems which have don't affect the sound at all. Things that don't really show up on photos! The uke pictured has some dark smudges under the finish under the soundholes (there's nothing worse with any of the stock!)

This solid top, soprano scale instrument has a much bigger bottom end than most ukes, and happily, this lends much more bottom end to the tone too. It oozes warmth, even with the brightness from the solid spruce top and Aquila strings balancing things out.

Quite apart from anything else, the Vita shape of this uke gives something different to your ukulele collection, one which has great volume and a great rich tone.

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