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B-Stock Ohana PKC-10 Pineapple Concert Ukulele

69.00 99.00

This is a b-stock ukulele due to some minor cosmetic flaws. There's nothing really wrong with it at all - they've been very fussy here!

It is a laminate mahogany concert scale ukulele, with a pineapple shape body, giving just a little more body to the tone - because it has just a little more body than a regular concert! I am really impressed with this for the money, a nice full sound, with lots of volume and really quite pretty to listen to. It also plays very nicely. Honestly, this is really good for such an inexpensive instrument.

It is equipped with decent geared tuners and Aquila strings. A great option for someone curious about a pineapple shaped uke, but who doesn't want to splash out huge amounts. I'd be amazed if you were disappointed in your investment with this PKC-10 ukulele.

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