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B-Stock Ohana SK-21A Solid Cedar Top Sopranino Ukulele

115.00 179.00

This is very pretty little ukulele, a sopranino from Ohana with a solid top. It is a b-stock item, with a big reduction as a result. Everything is sound but it has been marked down for minor physical flaws - nothing to spoil your enjoyment though.

The solid cedar top and laminate rosewood back and sides are an attractive combination, made prettier by the gloss finish. The cedar top delivers a little extra brightness for a really pretty tone. I realise I'm saying pretty a lot, but these are pretty good - such a sweet tone.

This ukulele is fitted with effective friction pegs and Aquila strings. Although perfectly possible to play it GCEA, it does have a little more zip when tuned up to ADF#B.

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