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B-Stock Ohana SK-21M All Solid Mahogany Sopranino Ukulele

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This is technically a b-stock ukulele. It says b-stock on the inside label and on the box. In fact, there is very little I can see wrong with them. Expect a couple of minor blemishes, and then have fun trying to spot them, I can't!

This is an all solid mahogany sopranino ukulele, a small scale ukulele with a loud clear voice, surprising volume for the small body size and pleasing playability.

The uke is fitted with effective friction pegs and Aquila strings, and a bone nut and saddle, with the dark stain (described as a 'reliced' finish) broken up by cream binding.

The sound is perky and bright, without being too dominant on the trebles, and there's some traditional soprano (well, sopranino in this case), bark

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