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B-STOCK Ohana SK-50WG Solid Cedar Top Soprano Ukulele

119.00 199.00

This is a B-Stock ukulele. I have a number of these, and they have very little wrong with them! Pictured is one with a small mark in the finish on the headstock. Nothing is worse that this. Very small marks here or there.

The Ohana SK-50WG has a solid cedar top, wit beautiful laminate willow back and sides, which positively jump out under the gloss finish. Around the sides is pretty wood binding, coupled with a rope-style purfling. The body is quite deep giving this ukulele plenty of volume, and a tone that is full of character. The sweet sounding cedar tones are complimented by clear trebles from the Aquila strings and a resonant warmth from the deep body. The sound is really impressive, this is a lovely uke!

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Ohana SK-50WG Soprano Ukulele.jpg
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