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B-STOCK Ohana TK-120BUO Tenor Banjo Ukulele

189.00 239.00

This instrument has a couple of tiny, insignificant marks on the headstock.

Banjoleles are an acquired taste, but if you've got that taste, you could do much worse that the pleasingly mellow tones of this open back tenor scale banjo uke, the TK-120BUO from Ohana. Of course, it still has that distinctive banjolele brightness and tone, but does so without being strident. There's plenty of volume but again, without being over the top. It is almost like this instrument has just dialled things just enough to make it more melodic and pleasant.

This is perhaps just my opinion, but in common with other banjoleles, they sound a lot better down at the bottom end of the scale - and aren't as good with work past the 7th fret or so, where the higher pitch can be a little harsh. This isn't a complaint about this instrument - just a general observation!

The TK-120BUO has an 8 in Remo Weather King head, and a maple body, with a dark veneer. There are twelve tension rings, great quality tuners and a set of Aquila strings.

It doesn't come with one, but will fit in a regular tenor ukulele gig bag.

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