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B-STOCK Ohana TKS-15E Thin Body Tenor Electro Ukulele

99.00 179.00

This tenor from Ohana has a few tiny marks on the headstock and is therefore at a much reduced price.

The uke has a thin body, made up from mahogany laminate, with a nice grain - and cream binding around the body. It has a comfortable neck, with Aquila strings, a rosewood fingerboard and robust, smooth-turning geared tuners.

The sound is really nice, not lacking in volume at all. It doesn't have the greatest sustain in the world, but the tone is really quite mellow in the lows, with some good punchiness at the top end.

It is equipped with a passive pickup too. This does give you a bit of body noise if you're not careful - so if plugging in it is best to use a strap to reduce that contact with the body to a minimum.

I feel a bit like I've given this uke a poor write up, but the thing is, I've really enjoyed playing it. Tone is the most important thing and in that respect, this Ohana really makes it a worthwile purchase.

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