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B-Stock Smiger SKC-03 Black Gloss Concert Ukulele

69.00 89.00

This particular ukulele has a small scuff on the binding picture, plus a small hairline scratch on the side. The former is pictured, the latter, impossible to photograph with the reflections from the finish!

This is an economical and smart looking uke, which has everything that is needed in terms of a serious beginner instrument. It looks great, with its black gloss finish, soundhole decoration and slotted headstock.

The uke is fitted with Aquila strings and two strap buttons, so you're all ready to go from the off.

The sound is well worthy of the price tag. If you look at the price, obviously you'll not get the same level of quality of sound of a top end all solid ukulele, but it sounds bright, perky and has more than decent volume. I'm not going to kid you that it sounds like heaven on earth, but for this price, it does the business and looks great doing it too.

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