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DUKE 10 Electro Tenor Banjolele - Ukulele Banjo



New Zealander, Ed Ackman's creation, the DUKE 10 electro banjolele, has had numerous rave reviews - as samples were distributed around the world in an effort to secure funding for a full production run. One of those samples ended up with me (and very impressed I was too!), leading to me to place an order to push the project over the line and confirm a full production run. Therefore, I have 8 instruments coming to the UK in November, which are available now as a pre-order at a discounted rate.

The instrument is really light, at around 1kg, and has a wooden pot, with a ten inch head, together with an armrest and a Schatten LP-15 pickup, allowing you to make this loud instrument even louder!

The whole thing is also packaged nicely, with a strap and a colourful padded gig bag.

You may also want, for a neutral opinion, to check out Barry Maz's excellent review on his Got A Ukulele site.

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