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B-STOCK Freshman UKASHBE GCEA Electro Baritone Ukulele

149.00 189.00

This ukulele has some minor physical flaws, if you look closely.

The quilted ash laminate used on this Freshman baritone is very pretty, if you like pale coloured ukes. I know some do and others don’t, but if it appeals, it is a nice looking instrument that performs well for the price.

The UKASHBE is tuned GCEA, like a regular uke, which is ideal for those who like a larger, longer neck, but don't want to learn a new set of chords. That said, it is equally possible to re-string this DGBE, should you wish to.

Although tuned the same as a regular uke, the bigger body does lend a bit of extra depth to the sound, which is nice and smooth in tone. It has plenty of volume too, as you'd expect from its larger body size.

Despite being fairly inexpensive, there are some nice decorative features, like cream binding, black and white purling and a laser etched soundhole decoration. The fingerboard is bound too, with nice smooth fret ends, making this a nice instrument to play.

The uke is completed with an active pickup with tone and volume controls on the built-in preamp, with a tuner included in the package too (on the preamp, just to be clear!)

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