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Deluxe Spongebob Electro Soprano Ukulele with Worth Clears


People sometimes say to me, 'wow it must be fun running a ukulele shop'. True, I am not working at the coal face, or in A&E... and no longer am I a complaints manager at a bank that went bust as I once was. But, I get remarkably little time to play and have fun. There's always some admin to do. Bills to pay. Orders to make, or even the floor to mop. So I decided why not make some time to be a bit silly.

This converted Spongebob ukulele is silly. With a passive pickup fitted and set up with Worth Clears it is a far cry from its original form. It actually sounds pretty nice and even relatively decent intonation-wise (I mean, don't expect the earth, but it is playable and not bad sounding!)

The passive pickup does the job and you can play at medium volume through an amp, or, plug in through a DI box for the full amped up experience.

The Worth strings make a difference and it is a colourful and cheerful thing - though the body isn't blemish free - it is a Spongebob uke at heart after all.

There's a video of it in action if you click 'additional info'



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