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Kala UBASS-SMHG-FS Fretted Bass Ukulele - USED

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This bass has been used for a week by Torsten Puls of Berlin’s Lucky Leles, on a 4-date UK tour. It is in as new condition, but tried and tested, and proven in a gig situation.

Although there had been compact basses before, it is fair to say that Kala’s UBASS design really brought compact ‘ukulele basses’ into the mainstream, with a host of endorsements from top players in the US.

This is the U-BASS 1, the original version with an all solid mahogany body. I features an active pickup, with built in tuner, quality tuners, frets and proprietary black, smooth feeling strings, which vibrate and sound double-bass-esque, and a pod case to keep it safe.

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