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B-STOCK Ohana CK-50WG Solid Cedar Top Concert

169.00 265.00

This instrument has been marked as B-stock because of some discolouration in the cedar top - as you can see from the photos, this natural phenomenon isn’t even an issue, you can hardly tell!

A really lovely uke this, an Ohana CK-50WG, with a gloss finish, solid cedar top and laminate willow back and sides. It is great to hold, feeling light and super-comfortable, with a great low action too.

The solid cedar top has a very tight grain, and is adorned with some nice rope-style binding and soundhole decoration. The back and sides are really attractive, with a shiny golden colour and beautiful flaming (natural pattern in the wood). The headstock has a dark hardwood cap on it, which highlights the Ohana logo in a classy way. Aquila strings are fitted, as well as durable geared tuners.

This little Ohana CK-50MG packs a mighty sound, making you wonder where all the noise comes from. The sound is direct, bright and clear, delivering tight, punchy chords, or singing, sustain-rich melodies.

If you ever tire of playing it, flip it over and admire the amazing willow patterns on the back!

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