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Ohana SK-70BWE Soprano Ukulele & Hard Case

199.00 279.00

A great off here! This limited edition Ohana ukulele is not only reduced, the sale price includes a free green alligator style hard case.

This little SK-70BWE has a high grade solid spruce top and laminate black and white ebony back and sides. While you'd usually know ebony as being black (maybe with small streaks of white), it's rarer but is possible to more white than black. It certainly looks striking, especially as it features on the soundhole rosette again.

With a tidy bridge and smooth fingerboard, Grover open geared tuners and a lovely set up, it is both playable and well appointed.

The sound is impressively loud, with a great attack followed up with impressive sustain. It has a vintage 'bark', common with many Ohana soprano ukes. The bright sound is set off by the Aquila strings and solid spruce, making it sound perky and full of fun.

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