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Ozark 3610 Solid Spruce Top Electro Hawaiian Guitar

292.00 492.00

Well, this isn't a ukulele, but when I got a great deal on it, I couldn't resist. In part as I wanted a go! And sure enough, it was loads of fun and sounded really good! I used open A tuning but you could experiment to your heart's content. What I would say is that I don't have any slides, so you'll want to get one of those from somewhere too. I did sound great even using a screwdriver to try it out, so could only be better with a proper slide!

This Ozark Hawaiian guitar has a hollow neck, and a solid spruce top, with laminate mahogany back and sides, finished with tradition rope style binding.

This Weissenborn style guitar sits comfortably on your lap, as it is supposed to, and gives a full, sunny tone with great sustain. With the open tuning, you don't need to be a guitarist, it is fun to experiment with straight away. It comes with an active pickup to, with a 4-band EQ. Through an amp it sounds great.

It also comes with a custom hard case. Which is a lot of instrument for your money!

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