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Pono ATDC-CR Deluxe Cedar Top Mi-Si Electro Tenor Ukulele


A pro level electro Electro tenor, gig-ready uke, with a great saving.

The regular price for an acoustic version of this uke is £620.99 - so, with a pickup fitted that normally goes for £170, this is a real bargain. Obviously, no an insignificant sum still, but you will end up the owner of a fantastic, professional grade instrument with an active pickup used by many professional players (and me!). Why the bargain? Well... my workshop fitted the pickup to this uke instead of an ATD-CR (without cutaway), whoops - so it is a special order that nobody ordered!

This is a great tenor uke from the deluxe range from Pono, which features a flawless gloss finish, ebody bridge and fingerboard and a radiused fretboard - giving just that little bit extra comfort and ease of play. The back and sides are solid acacia, and the top, a lovely biscuit-brown solid cedar. Gold open geared tuners from Grover, maple binding and a classy looking rope style soundhole motif complete the picture.

The cedar top delivers a beautiful clear tone and projection, with a smooth edge and pleasing sustain. It really is a greater all rounder, with zingy, full-sounding chords and precise, crisp melodies for pickers. The neck is fairly full, feeling comfortable in your hands.

It is strung with Pono's own fluorocarbon strings with a wound C, which gives it a real zip and bell-like zing to the tone - but it works well with other fluorocarbon strings too (I've tried it with Worth Browns and it is lovely).

The Mi-Si active pickup is a little marvel, incorporating a super capacitor which allows you do without a battery (and intrusive battery panels), with only hole drilled for the jack input (which you can hang a strap off too). A minute's charge with the provided adaptor gives a good 8 hours play. And the sound, wow, it just retains the character of the word and makes the uke louder, without colouring the sound at all.

This uke has been fitted with Worth Brown strings.

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