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Pono EBSH-PC Pro Classic Baritone - All Solid Cedar & Ebony - B-STOCK

949.00 1,100.00

This is a B-stock ukulele with a small mark (pictured) on the top.

The Pono EBSH-PC is a brilliant, top-end baritone from Pono. Pono make great baritones across the board so this one, at the top of the range is a real beauty. It looks great with its solid cedar top against the dark solid ebony back and sides. This contrast is further highlighted by gorgeous maple binding and a really interesting rope-style decoration around the soundhole.

The sound is rich and perfectly balance. Strum from the G string down and as your fingers drag across the strings, you think that the trebles on the E string are never going to compete with the rich wash of bassy warmth but then… bang, along comes a crystal clear, ringing and sweet top string. Lovely! The radius fretboard makes it play like a dream too.

The uke comes with a hard case made from the same material as black boxes are made from on aeroplanes. Well, not really but just as indestructible!

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