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Smiger Solid Cedar Top Cutaway Tenor Ukulele

149.00 189.00

This is a very impressive looking tenor uke, with a florentine cutaway shape, interesting soundhole decoration, abalone inlay and a unique (well, to me!) slotted headstock design. It is also well ‘specced’, with a solid cedar top, wide nut, Aquila strings and geared tuners.

This instrument was part of a consignment I ordered to assess. Having set them up, they now play very nicely. If you inspect the ukulele very carefully you might find very tiny finish flaws, but these have to be looked for - and are not at all a distraction from the great value of this instrument. (Or, uncommon at this price in general).

This cutaway tenor has a really quite impressive, full, and well projected tone, with good sustain and good volume right the way up the neck.

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