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Ex-Demo Snail RT-C Stained Mahogany Concert Ukulele

135.00 199.00

This is a ukulele that has been used by a rep to demonstrate to shops - but is in perfect condition.

This is an interesting looking uke, the RT-C concert from Snail, which features a dark stain to its laminate mahogany body, which looks very impressive under the gloss finish. Visual appeal in enhanced by an abalone soundhole ring and purfling, which is quite subtle alongside the dark body. The signature Snail headstock looks sleek too and has a nice inlaid logo in maple.

The tuners are chrome and appear to be very robust and smooth. The uke has an ebony fingerboard and shaped bridge, while the bone nut is 35mm and the saddle is compensated for better intonation. The strings are clear fluorocarbon and work well to produce plenty of sustain and a nice, ringing tone.

For this price you can get hold of solid top instruments, and this one is laminate… but it is a good laminate! The tone is crisp in the higher ranges but full in the lower, making a really nice balance.

This uke is supplied with a basic gig bag. I’ve seen other descriptions saying the bag is worth £17.99. It isn’t. But it is better than nothing!

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