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USED Uluru II Solid Mahogany Concert Ukulele with MiSi Pickup


I play a Uluru myself, but even with access to trade prices, mine is nothing like the bargain this is. This nifty concert ukulele is fitted with a Mi-Si pickup, a fantastic active pickup (there’s no battery - it comes with an adaptor so you can plug it in and charge for a minute - for up to 12 hours play!). Consider that the pickup is £170 fitted (and it has been fitted by me in the last few weeks), and then realise that there’s a ukulele attached that costs £299 new... that’s £469’s worth of kit for this crazy price!

The uke was taken in part exchange and is in great condition. The only downside I can say about it is that I tried it with a low G and it didn’t do it for me - it just seems to suit high G more.

The instrument is all solid mahogany, and really easy playing with a great low action. It has a lovely full tone on account of the solid mahogany top, back and sides, while the fitted Worth strings enhance that warm backdrop with zingy brightness.

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