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WOU Pioneer Soprano Ukulele - All Solid Acacia

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PLEASE NOTE - Some videos / images of this ukulele show black buttons on the machine heads. These soprano ukes have bronze coloured buttons as pictured.

Right, not onto this interesting instrument and why I am discounting them. Well, they were included as samples with my latest World of Ukes brand order. Samples which I'd not requested. I was grateful to see them arrive, until I noted I'd been billed for them too!

Anyway... never mind! At least they're a lovely looking all solid acacia gloss ukulele, made unique by the 'asymmetrical body shape', a term I much prefer to 'wonky bottom'!

With a spacious fingerboard, in soprano terms, they're nice and playable, with a sweet, well-sustained tone which really lends itself to fingerpicking. Strummed and it is lovely too, with nice chiming overtones.

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