Tenor Ukuleles
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Antica UFOS Electro Tenor Ukulele


This is UFOS tenor uke, by Antica Ukuleleria in Italy, a really unusual ukulele made by Marco Todeschini. It is a far out design, but for all that it plays beautifully and sounds great though an amp. It'll turn heads, but with sound as well as looks.

UFOS stands for Ukuleles From Outer Space, and they certainly look space age in design, with a CNC routed mahogany body, with a plexiglass top fitted into the wood. On top of this are UV reactive panels which glow under UV light - not sure when this is useful but never mind!

The neck is mahogany with a Blackwood Tek core - a more sustainable wood, made by chemically ebonising pine. This has a 36mm nut width and a flat neck profile.

Sound-wise it has a quiet volume unplugged, suitable only for quiet practice. Through the Artec passive pickup, with a good quality amp the sound is good - but it sounds even better through a pre-amp or effects unit. The sound is only limited by what you put it through, so the fancier your amp, the better it sounds!

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